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Now, however, there seems to be a new method of issuing coupons by the manufacturers as opposed to the old time standard of requiring only one item to be purchased.

A snippet about coupons

What that means is that instead of purchasing only the amount of an item you actually need, you will now be forced to spend extra money on these extra quantities in order to use the coupon. In cases like this, the idea of saving money supplants the idea of spending more then they would normally have. In some instances, you can spend even more than just the minimum purchase price to use the coupon. Very often, the additional money spent will exceed the coupon savings which would make the store very happy indeed.

But, what happens if you have a coupon code that would bring your purchase to below the free-shipping cut-off? Unfortunately, what the stores do is adjust the prices of what you purchased when applying the code entered, and subsequently it takes you below the free shipping limit. So, in order to avoid having to pay to have your order shipped, you either remove the coupon, or the more likely scenario, shop for more items which may cost more than the actual shipping charges.

Sometimes people get so obsessed with saving money that they will disregard to time factor when it comes to searching for ways to save even the smallest amount of money. If it will take you an hour to compete your search, you need to decide whether or not that one hour of your time is worth the total saving you may find. You need to look at the big picture and take into account the time that will be involved in this undertaking as well as the costs of printing tons of coupons off of the web as well.

Can you also end up with a whole bunch of worthless pieces of paper as well as hours of lost time? The way things are going these days, it seems like every family and business is re-evaluating its spending in an effort to trim the fat and add more to the bottom line. Businesses cost savings are coming from cutting payroll or looking at cheaper alternatives to current expenditures.

Individuals are cutting out what they deem as unnecessary entertainment, taking steps to reduce energy costs , and reducing housing costs. Both groups are even looking to prepay their regularly occurring expenses in an effort to get their spending under control, even if there is no, or minimal discount involved in doing so. Unfortunately, when it comes to prepaying expenses, even if you do get a discount, the benefits are far outweighed by the drawbacks.

Do Coupons Really Save You Money?

Some times, like with insurance, you can save a couple of dollars by paying the premiums up front rather than using a semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payment plan. This is the only solid benefit of taking this kind of approach, and even then, there may not be much of a significant savings realized. With all of the required payments being made up front, that reduces the number of bill payments on a monthly basis. That being said, since many small business owners decide to do everything themselves, it also means that there is less of a chance that you will forget to make a payment as well.

Some Ways Of Saving Money May Cost You More In The End

On the personal financial side, it certainly helps those individuals who have trouble with organization and keeping track of their bills and due dates. You are spending the money up front, and losing flexibility of having those funds available for other, more immediate, and possible emergency needs.

You are locked into this purchase for the duration, unless there is some sort of pro-rated refund policy, which to be honest is a rare characteristic of prepaying expenses ore, if there is, it will take time to get that money back. Individuals will lose the ability to have their money working for them, and even though interest rates are low these days, anything is better than nothing. Whether you are running a business or a household, it is important to keep planning for that expense if for nothing else, then for the sake of repetition and accurately reporting the expense. The last thing you would want is for the day that you actually have to start paying that particular bill regularly to come, only to realize that you removed it from your budget and now do not have enough free cash to cover it.

Not only is it a pain to deal with, but it also means having to spend extra time reworking that budget and finding a way to fit the expense back in. Read More for even more rebates. Your phone and computer could be the only tickets you need to big savings! Take the plunge and start making new friends who share your interests Read More that meets once a week. With half a dozen people all working and sharing at once, everyone should end up with plenty of coupons for whatever they need! These meetings also allow members to share their best coupon tips, apps, and websites with each other.

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Coupon Video for Beginners

Your views about extreme couponers is weak and misguided. Extreme couponers don't spend every minute of every day clipping coupons and looking for deals none stop. I consider myself to be an extreme couponer and yes I buy things I don't personally need. Does that mean I am wasting money? Hell no. Only time I buy things I don't need is either when I am getting them for free or they are a money maker. I then turn around and donate them to friends, family or a charity of my choice. You seem to have a huge dislike towards anyone who is an "extreme couponer".

I am assuming you just either are uneducated about the matter or are using coupons wrong. You've totally misread. This article was to encourage people who don't use coupons at all to not be scared of the "extreme coupon" stereotype, because you can save big with them without spending hours a day. The first set of tips was to help people who feel that their coupon use isn't efficient but still want to save. My basis for "extreme couponing" was the shows you see with people who use them in excess.

6 Reasons Why I Stopped Extreme Couponing

It sounds like you don't have a problem with that at all, and I know many people who save their families a lot of money with coupons. I'm all for them; we just want to help people use them efficiently! Top Deals. Forget Extreme Couponing! How to Save With Minimal Effort. Finance Forget Extreme Couponing! Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Scroll down for the next article.